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Special Educational Needs and Neurodiversity Related Training:
  • Writing Social Stories When Working with Autistic Children / Carol Gray

  • The 3 C Pathway: A Relational Approach to Support Autistic Students at School / Act for Autism

  • Teaching PSHE Lessons to Pupils with Special Educational Needs / PSHE Association

  • Dyslexia and Co-occuring Difficulties (SpLDs) / Dyslexia Action

  • Preparing Autistic Pupils for Transition to Adult Life | Post 16 / The National College

  • 8 Neuro-Developmental Constructs and Preparing a Special Educational Plan / Dr. Olcay Güner & Psk. Nur Dinçer

Assessment Training:
  • Educational Assessments / Turkish Psychologists Association

  • ​Wechsler Intelligence Scale, WISC-R / Turkish Psychologists Association

Therapeutic Skills & Approaches:
  • Short-term Solution Focused Therapy / Dr. Olcay Güner

  • Infant Observation Master Module / Tavistock and Portman Institute

  • Making PYP / International Baccalaureate (IB)

  • Experiencial Play Therapy I & II / ​Dr. Byron Norton & Dr. Carol Norton

  • Art Therapy Techniques to Use with Children and Adolescents / Dr. Olcay Guner

  • Primary School Readiness Assessment (Marmara Ilkogretime Hazir Olus Olcegi)

  • DENVER 0-6 years Developmental Scale

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy / Hypnotherapy Centre of Excellence

School Counselling Related Training:

  • School Counseling Supervision sessions / Dr. Olcay Guner

  • Child Yoga / RYE France

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