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About me

My name is Ruti Asa.

I am a Learning Support Specialist.

Welcome to my website.

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Child and Adolescent

I completed my bachelor's studies in Sociology and Psychology at Istanbul Bilgi University with a dual degree. Eager to expand my knowledge, I pursued a Master of Science in Development and Psychopathology at the University of Reading, UK.


After my training, I took on various roles in the field of child and adolescent psychiatry, and have familiarised myself with assessment tools, interview techniques and child and adolescent mental health. Passionate to learn more about Autism, I have organised social skills groups with patients who were diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

In 2014, my school counseling journey has begun and continued for the next five years. I have worked with families from different cultural backgrounds in internationally diverse schools, with students aged between 3 to 11, interviewed numerous families, applied many educational assessments, read and wrote numerous psycho-educational reports, developed many tailored education plans for different educational needs, and took proactive roles in many students’ school-based problems. 

School Counselling & First Contacts with Special Educational Needs

Becoming a Learning Support Specialist 

Relocating to Paris in 2019, I pursued a more focused role in the British Education System and qualified myself as a LearningSupport Specialist within a standard school environment, which allowed me to work hand in hand with pupils with special educational needs and learn about inclusion in depth.


I have had many students who were diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, Learning Difficulties, and students who need socio-emotional support. I offered all sorts of support sessions including curriculum support, executive functioning support and study skills, social and life skills support, preparation for the next stage (after school phase and independency), and socio-emotional support with regular follow up sessions. 

After 10 years of intense work life, I decided to continue to offer my services through online sessions, and focus on my social media page called "SEND Superheroes", which was designed to raise awareness on neurodiversity and Special Educational Needs. 

As a remote therapist, I am registered with Turkish Psychologists Association and the Netherlands Institute van Psychologen.

NIP registration number 244678

Please check out  "Services" page for more detail on my online sessions. 

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